Gallus Zentrum Jugendkultur und neue Medien


The Gallus Zentrum was founded in 1977 by students to provide the workers and  immigrants  of  the  district  with  a  place  for  communication and  cultural exchange.  This
character of the space of friendly encounters has survived, what has changed is the medium. Until the early 1990’s theatre work was successfully conducted with joung adults which iniciated the professional playhouse called ‘Gallus Theater’. Since 1992 we continue the pedagogic work with electronic media. Starting with a video section a creative multi-media pool was established to introduce disadvantaged youth to digital media. Since 1994 the Gallus Zentrum is co-organising the Hessian Youth-Film- Festival Visionale that celebrates its 20th birthday in 2007.

In the second half of the 19th century one to the biggest industrial areas of Frankfurt was built. Companies such as Adlerwerke, T&N and Siemens and the adjoinig residential housing for the workers formed the new district called Gallus. From the 1960’s onwards many guest-workers took residence in the Gallus, the percentage of immigrants today lies arround 50%, in the schools over 80% of the pupils have a migratory background. In recent years drastic structural changes were to be noticed in the Gallus. The district changed from an area of industrial production to a site for service orientated buisnesses. In the course of this change the Gallus became the district in Frankfurt with the highest unemployment rate. Low qualifications and few available traineeships for school-graduates reduce the prospects of young persons. The difficult processes of integration of certain groups of immigrants raise the potential for conflicts in the district of Frankfurt. This socio-economic situation forms the background to our work in the Gallus.
We see new media as an adequate means of expression of young people. In their everyday life and in the formation of identity, media products play an important role. New media can be seen as a potential danger, reducing the persons to passive recipients, but also carry a great potential, not only as a means of expression, but as well as a core element in the layout of competences that is expected in our society. Our projects try to enhance the media-competence of in many cases disadvantaged young persons. Creativite and innovatiative approaches provide the young persons with means to develop personal artistic forms of expression and a presentable product.
A great number of the videos and multumedia products produced by the Gallus Zentrum were awarded prizes on various Hessian and German contests. The CD-Rom “Frankfurt 3000” won the Innovation-prize of the Children and Youth Film Center of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2000. The Project “MediaXchange” was awarded at the “Microsoft Road Ahead Prize 2002”and the federal-pize “Mediageneration”. The interactive film “Make my Day” was awarded four prizes at film festivals in Germany and won the innovation-prize at the Hessian Youth-Film-Festival Visionale 2003. The virtual exchange project between pupils of a German an a Chinese school, ”Young Frankfurt meets Young Guangzhou“, won the Dieter Baake Prize in 2006. Excerpt from the laudation: “That is how interesting education looks like: Various Media like video, photography, webdesign and music, creative wiriting in a foreign language and free creative work were linked with international contacts and youth-relevant topics.”


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